The General Plan Update is a pivotal opportunity to shape the future of Kerman. Through this process, we will consider opportunities to enhance the community, including a focus on economic development and health and wellness to ensure Kerman is well-positioned to achieve its vision for the future.

As this project progresses, this website will be your primary source for access to all materials related to the General Plan Update, including project documents, and meeting dates and times, as well as information on the basics of a general plan to get you oriented to this process. Check out the "How to Use this Website" page under the Resources menu to orient yourself with this website.

General Plan Adopted

On July 8, 2020, a public hearing was held on the 2040 General Plan with the City Council.  At this meeting, the City Council received public testimony, closed the public hearing, and adopted a resolution that:

  1. adopted the findings required by CEQA Guidelines Section 15091;
  2. certified the Environmental Impact Report (SCH No. 2019049018) for the City of Kerman 2040 General Plan, including General Plan Amendment No. 2020-01;
  3. adopted a statement of overriding considerations; and
  4. adopted the City of Kerman General Plan Update by approving General Plan Amendment No. 2020-01.


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